Watersport board repairs for when the unfortunate happens. Based 5 mins from Hill Head. I will do my utmost to repair back to how the board was before the damage happened (depending on repair) ask for details. You are more than welcome to send a message with details and photos over so I can give you a rough pricing. Pricing will be agreed before repair is undertaken so there wont be no hidden fees! water extraction available. colour matching available. 

About me

Keen watersport enthusiast who has grown up around the ocean. Started windsurfing at around 10 eventually leading to competitions and sponsorship, even had the opportunity to compete in the London docklands indoor when it was brought back to the UK. Unfortunately due to an illness I had to come away from the windsurf scene at around 15/16. Still carried on the watersports as a hobby and was just as passionate as i am today! 


Through out the years I have gained a lot of interest in repairing boards. I first repaired my own boards and then went on to repair friends and family member's boards. I am quite a perfectionist and very dedicated to to the work I do! I have to be 100% positive that the repair I have done is to the highest standard before handing it back. There for I am happy to put the hours in to do so. 

Take a look around my site and my Facebook page. Share and like as much as you can. I also sometimes have stuff on my site for sale which will also be on Facebook. Much appreciated. Josh.